Uses for a cabin

Cabin King cabins make great bedrooms


Cabin King's are built to a residential standard, ideal as a bedroom or sleepout. Standard cabins fit up to a Queen size bed plus a couple of pieces of furniture. Learn more...

A Cabin King is great for a home office

Home Office

Cabin King's make great offices. Much cheaper than a serviced office and no travel time. The rent is usually tax deductible which makes them really economical. Learn more...

Use a Cabin King to run your business

Home Business

Cabin King's are used to run many home businesses, such as nail salons, massage rooms, tanning clinics, clothes alterations and jewelry manufacture. Learn more...

Use a Cabin King as your Site Office

Site office

Cabin King's are often used as temporary construction site offices. They are also used as sales offices for many situations and security huts for the film industry. Learn more...

Cabin King: Standard Cabin