How it works

  1. Choose your cabin - Standard cabins are 2.5m wide by 3.6m long plus a deck at the front. They fit a queen size bed plus a couple of pieces of furniture. Windows can either be on the left or right hand side of the cabin.
    Large cabins are 2.5m wide and 4.2m long with the door on the long side. They can fit a King size bed, couch and a couple of pieces of furniture.
    You can find out more about our cabins and possible furniture layouts here.
  2. Call us or apply online - Let us know which cabin you want and the date you want it. We are the largest supplier in Auckland so usually have cabins available. Apply now!
  3. Tough site? - If you are concerned about where you want the cabin, give us a call. We can get an idea of your site by using Google Maps or can pop around to check the site in person and at no cost. We have a custom built trailer that we deliver your cabin on. We pride ourselves at being able to get into difficult situations, but sometimes we may need to use a hiab truck crane to lift the cabin into place. This requires a specialist transport company so will cost more unfortunately.  Contact Us!
  4. Upfront costs - We ask for four weeks rent in advance either on or before delivery. This covers your first weeks rent with the other three weeks acting like a bond that you get back at the end. We have a delivery fee that covers bringing the cabin to you, setting it up and removing it when no longer required. This is $150 within the Auckland city limits and $200 outside, including Hamilton.
A Cabin King cabin in a garden.